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What’s Inside?


In this article we are going to talk about what will go in a diaper bag when you plan to be cloth diapering. Now some of this isn’t much different from someone who is using disposable diapers with the exception on the kind of diaper included, the wet bag, and possibly the groceries bags.

I did research a lot and there wasn’t too much out there but I found a few articles that listed the content you will need. I will give you a brief list here and go into detail below. You will need:

  • Diapers- change out
  • Wipes- always kept in there
  • Wet Bag- always kept in there
  • Grocery Bags- added when needed
  • 1-2 change of clothes- change out
  • BabyCarrier- always kept in there
  • Changing Pad- always kept in there
  • Nursing Cover- always kept in there
  • Sippy Cup/Snacks- added when needed
  • Hand Sanitizer- always kept in there

Let’s talk about the thing that are always kept in the bag for one reason or another.


Always Keep In                                             


Some items you will always keep in the diaper bag. For Example:

  1. Wipes
  2. Wet Bag
  3. Changing Pad
  4. Hand Sanitizer

Why would you need these things? Well let me tell you about each one.

#1 The Wipes- when you are at home you are probably using cloth wipes so you can buy a small package or disposable wipes you can just carry or keep in your diaper bag. They will only be used for this purpose. Something to think about when you purchase the wipes, is whether you are changing a boy or a girl. Because if it is a little boy, you will want something to lay over his privates while your changing him so you don’t get sprayed by flying urine. In other words, if it’s a boy, get some thick wipes!


#2 The Wet Bag- you will need this to have something to keep the wet diapers in. It has a zippered closure and a waterproof inside. This also helps to keep the ammonia smell from getting on everything.


#3The Changing Pad- many times this will come with the diaper bag but if it doesn’t then you need to be sure to get one. It is a thin changing pad that you can place anywhere. This way you don’t have to be dependent on other people or worried about your baby getting germs from someone else. No risk of cross-contamination because only your child will be using it plus it can be wiped down with a wipe or wet cloth and soap.


#4 The Hand Sanitizer- this is very important!!! You will want to sanitize your hands BEFORE you change your baby and then again AFTER they are changed. You don’t want to go spreading any germs to anyone.


Next we will discuss what we will change out frequently.


Change Out                                               


There are some items that need to be changed out regularly. They are listed in detail below:

  1. Diapers
  2. 1-2 changes of clothes

#1 The Diapers- Well this makes sense that you would change these out. You will be adding them as you need them because when you get home you will take the dirty ones out to clean. When you are getting ready to leave, you will simply pack in some fresh clean diapers.


#2 The 1-2 changes of clothes- now this makes sense as well. You wouldn’t pack in clothes and just leave them in there because if you have to change your baby and the only clothes in the bag are winter clothes but it is summer you now have a problem. This is almost as bad as having no clothes at all. So you can see why changing out the clothes is important. You need to have 2 changes of clothes in the diaper bag, or more if they are younger.


Now we will talk about what you need to replace when it runs out.

Replace When Out                 


There a few item in the diaper bag that will run out from time to time and need to be replaced. You will just need to keep an eye on these and replace them on an as needed basis. They are listed in detail below:

  1. Groceries Bags
  2. Sippy Cup/Snacks


#1 The Groceries bags- now these are simply the plastic bags you get from the grocery store. These are used to hold the poop diapers. You wrap them up real good, to seal the poop away from everything else and then put them in the zipper wet bag.


#2 The Sippy Cup/Snacks- a child will need to have something to drink and something to eat. Now you can’t put this in the diaper bag once and expect it to still be good forever, or last forever. So it makes sense that you are going to have to replace it when it runs out. Duh!!


Now we will discuss our last topic for this article which is the little extras. There a few little extras you might want to carry in your diaper bag.


Little Extras


For our last topic, we will be discussing two extras that are nice to have in your diaper bag. I will list and describe in detail below:

  1. Baby Carrier
  2. Nursing Cover


#1 The Baby Carrier- sometimes called a baby sling is a nice thing to have in the diaper bag. This way if your baby falls asleep you can continue shopping hand-free since you have somewhere to put the baby.


#2 The Nursing Cover- this is considered an extra. This is used as a swaddling blanket so you can breastfeed out in public. This will help shield the child so they have fewer distractions. At the same time, the woman is offered discreet privacy.





To sum everything up, the BIGGEST different between a cloth diaper bag and a diaper bag for disposable diapers is your choice of diapers. As I have stated in my of my articles the choice of diapers is YOUR choice.


The second difference would be the addition of a wet bag and grocery bags.


Of course the little extra items are also optional for the diaper bag.




If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the Best,


Elaine Smith