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4 Reasons To Get Rid Of Poop


In this article we will be discussing why it is important to clean your poop diapers immediately. Some people will leave them dirty and think “Oh, I will just get them clean when I laundry them.”


Folks, This is not a good idea for many reasons and we will be discussing four of those reasons here. Those four are:

  1. The smell it will leave in the room
  2. The stain it will leave
  3. The irritation it can cause your baby
  4. The early breakdown of the diapers

I will be going into more detail in each group below but I wanted to tell you what we would be talking about. I have included a video explaining the different stages of poop and how they are handled.
So now let’s start by talking about the smell in the room.



The Smell In The Room

Let me begin by asking you a question. Have you ever gone into someones house who has lots of cats and they haven’t cleaned their litter box recently? You know how there is just the smell of poop in their house? Well I have been to houses like this and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I wanted to run for the hills.


If you don’t clean the diaper of the poop and just put it in the pail, it will smell up the room like this. But unfortunately, not just the room, but the smell will get on the walls, in the babies clothes in that room and everything in that room. The smell will spread to your entire house. This can be stopped with one simple solution.

When you have a dirty diaper all you need to do is immediately clean it, deal with the poop, and then you can put the wet diaper in the pail until laundry day.


Now we will discuss what will happen if you don’t clean the poop up immediately.




The Stain It Can Leave

If you don’t clean poop immediately you can have some issues. As was pointed out in the video when a baby is breastfed or formula fed ONLY they will have very loose runny poops that will be water-soluble. At this stage you don’t have to worry about cleaning the diapers mainly because they don’t smell. If they do have any stains after they are washed just simply dry them in the sun and the stain will be gone.


The sun is a natural bleaching process so this will even work when the child gets older and begin to eat solid foods that tend to leave stains. (A note here:You never want to use bleach or harsh chemicals when you are washing the diapers. See my Blog on How to Clean Cloth Diapers for further discussion on washing procedures)



The Irritation It Can Cause Baby

Now we will discuss what the consequences are for your baby.


When poop isn’t fully cleared up, it can lead to diaper rash isn’t fully cleared up it can lead to diaper rash. What I mean by this is that if you leave the poop on the diaper it will likely stain. The stain when wet will get an ammonia smell which in turn will cause the baby’s skin to be red, scaly, sore, and tender. This will probably turn into a diaper rash or worse.

The simplest way to prevent this from even occurring in the first place would be to change the baby as soon as they poop. Not only clean the baby properly but also dispose of the poop immediately.


Also, at bed time you might want to consider using an approved cloth diaper cream or ointment just as a protective layer.


For our last topic, we will discuss how this affect the early breakdown of diapers.



Early Breakdown of The Diapers


Now we will discuss the early breakdown of the diapers. By leaving the poop on for a long period of time does a few things to the diapers themselves.


First, the smell, I’m not real sure how to describe it. Is it poop, ammonia, or what? I’m not really sure. It will take extra detergent/laundry booster to get the smell out. Plus extra clean, fresh water just to make sure all the residue is out of the diapers.


All this extra washing does lead to the diapers needing to be replaced sooner. Diapers when properly cared for may need to be replaced in 9-12. Since they are being washed more they may wear out and fade sooner.
I’m speaking from experience here, that if your diapers have any Velcro tabs on them, you will want to tuck them under before washing. If not they will come out all twisted up and joined all sorts of ways. Trust me, that if you make this mistake, you will only do it only once.


Some of the diapers have elastics in the legs. These can only withstand so many washing also before they begin to show signs of wear.


Now we will review everything we have talked about in this article.





Today we have learned many facts about poop! and what we should and should not do with it.


This is a summary of what we talk about *The Smell in the Room- smells similar to lots to cats which makes the room smell like poop. Actually not just the room but the entire house.


*The Stain It Can Leave-always clean immediately. We learned that the sun is a natural bleaching process.


*The Irritation It Can Cause Baby- when poop is left diaper rash can develop, or maybe something worse. Another suggestion was to use an approved diaper cream at bedtime as a protective layer.


And finally *The Early Breakdown Of The Diapers-due to the fact that you wash them so much more and use more laundry soap just to get them clean.


In summary, all these can be prevented by simply cleaning the poop immediately or as soon as you can.


If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



All The Best,


Elaine Smith