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Where Oh Where Is It!


Have you ever heard this statement before? I have heard it many times. I may have even used it myself. In fact I know I have. When I can’t find something I go through certain steps.

I will search and search online, doing lots of research. I will do a lot of my research on trusty Google. Today I’m looking for Flip Hybrid cloth diaper cover. Let me take you through the steps of my research. 

First I google just Cloth Diaper  and see what I find. Hum..Best Cloth Diapers of 2017  This talks about how cloth diapers are beginning to make a comeback. Now this is good because just below this article is another post from Amazon (everyone likes Amazon so let’s check them… our first)

On Amazon, we can enter Flip Hybrid Cloth Diaper in the search bar. Let’s just try that and see what we get. What do you know… a snap-pepper-one size cover comes up. Plus 20 more colors. Let’s click on that and find out more about it. Oh, I wish ya’ll could see these pictures because they are so cute. They give you what other customers are buying after viewing this : best selling, top selling, and the lowest price. Then what customers viewed after this. This product sells for $14.65 at this moment. Ok I like the looks of this but I want to compare it so let’s compare it to something else. Let’s check a look at what Babies R Us has to offer.


Now let’s check Babies R Us. We Google Babies R Us, search Flip Hybrid Cloth Diapers. We come up with bumGenius flip cloth cover. These are sold in the local stores with 3 types of inserts for $14.99. I have heard this is a really good brand!

Well that’s two but I like to get at least 5 or six then I will start eliminating what I don’t like for one reason or another. So we can get some more. Next we will look at my favorite store. Most of the time this store has the lowest price but sometimes not. That is why I will get other prices from many places.


Now let’s check Wal-Mart, I always check here because I like this store. Google Wal-Mart, search Flip Hybrid Diapers. And..bumGenius w/Snap Closure-Hummingbird. Oh, sorry guys they are out of stock:( But they carry the Cotton Babies Flip so let’s try that one. There is a one-size Hook&Loop; Closure Diaper cover-Zinnia and it comes with free shipping. This is a cute diaper that has one piece of what looks like Velcro across the top to hold the two sides together. That’s a smart idea!! The diaper comes in a magenta color for $14.99. I like this one but they are all running about the same price. That’s interesting!

Of course you can always go the much more expensive route with the multi-snap flip Cloth Diaper Cover-Snap-Moonbeam-One Size for $30.90. That is more expensive!

Well let’s look at one more place just for grins!


Finally let’s take a look at Target. First, let’s Google Target, search- Flip Hybrid Diapers. Well what do you know… We also come up with Flip cloth covers that are sold both online or you can have them delivered to a store near you. They come in 5 solid outer colors. Each has 3 different types of insets all for $14.99. Hum.




So let’s sum this all up. We have Googled 4 different stores, all well known places and found 5 different products to compare.

I have put the prices and products in a chart for you to compare.

  • Amazon                   snap pepper                          14.65
  • BabiesRUs              bumGenius                            14.99
  • WalMart                  Cotton Babies                       14.99
  • Target                      bumGenius                            14.99
  • WalMart                  multi snap                             30.90


This chart will tell you the stores, the brand of diaper, and the price. From this point you can make a decision on your next step.

I know of a site that will make your decision much easier. The site is There are lots of cloth diapers and different accessories. Some items you will definitely need and the rest are extras.


I have that item plus lots of other cloth diaper products you are going to just love:) I have other choices of cloth diapers, diaper bags, diaper caddies, organizers, many different types of fasteners, and biodegradable flushable diaper liners. There is also a blog roll that has informational posts about cloth diapering.

I hope you found some useful information in this post that will be helpful to you.


If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

Elaine Smith