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My Solution To The Issue!


In today’s article we will be discussing the different types of changing table stations that are available today. Well not just ones that are available but also that you can create yourself. How can I (you are probably thinking), I don’t know how to build anything? Sometimes it doesn’t take you actually building from scratch to get a changing table that will work for your living situation or environment.

I will give you ideas and you can run with them from there. In this article I will be showing you pre made changing tables, giving you custom table ideas, how the two can be two can be used together, and finally more DIY stations. Personally I love creating a DIY station because it can be designed to fit my own person needs.

Now there is nothing wrong with a premade or ready-made station because you can always add something to make it personal. With these you already have the basic building blocks to work with.

So let’s jump into our first station- the ready-made.


Ready Made    

As I stated earlier with these you already have your basic building blocks. Most have a changing pad on top with low rails all around. They usually will have 2 open shelves below.

Here is where you can get creative! You can add small labeled baskets to hold your cloth diapers and then another for all your accessories. Of course, you will need wipes, home made wipe solution in a spray bottle, and fasteners. You will be able to keep a diaper wet bag and diaper pail by the station if that is your choice.

Some people choose to keep one by the station and one in the bathroom so when they have to rinse the poop diapers they will have something to transport them to the container in the nursery.

I have provided a picture of a ready-made changing table.

Now we will discuss your custom table ideas.


Custom Creations          

I have already given you one idea but here is another.

Now let’s talk about a dresser. This is a piece of furniture that can be painted or stained to match the nursery theme. But of course if you would rather, you could just leave it the natural wood color. For example, I have seen some that have the theme for their nursery “Toy Story”. They will remove the knobs and replace them so they match them. That is a very cute idea!! Another idea is listed below.

At the baby shower have all the participates write little notes with special permanent markers that wouldn’t wash out. Or draw a picture that has a special meaning. The notes and drawings would become keepsakes for Mom and baby. Of course, these could be sayings of how much the baby is loved before he/she is born. These notes and drawings could then be painted onto a dresser as a permanent memory that Mom and the entire family can treasure forever.

Now for the next idea of how we can combine our ready-made tables and our custom ideas.


Combo Ideas         

One combo idea is to have a changing pad just simply placed on top of the dresser. Then in the drawers you can store cloth diapers. In one of the drawers you can place extra blankets and thin changing pads. On top of the dresser you keep a portable diaper caddy that will have all the small accessories like fasteners, cream, and hand sanitizer. Be sure you have a small toy to occupy the child while you change the cloth diaper. This can all be kept in the nursery while you have you’re main changing area in another part of the house.

Having the supplies in a portable diaper caddy will allow you to take them from room to room. You can even keep a thin changing pad to use in the caddy. This way if the baby is in the living room and needs to be changed out of an only wet diaper you may do so. Of course, if it’s poop you will need to change in or near the bathroom or the water source.
For our final topic today, we will be looking at my personal fav the DIY section.



This is a very interesting and enjoyable section for me personally. Now it’s not that I’m a creative person but it’s that like I stated before you can fix the piece so that it fits you, the nursery, and the baby. I have seen people do amazing things in this group. When you let your imagination run wild, you never know what you will come up with.

People have taken an armoire which is a beautiful piece of furniture. When the doors are closed it is a tall cupboard or wardrobe sitting in the room. But when you open the doors there is a changing that is about at waist height. Then, just below that are two long drawers that hold the diapers and accessories. On the inside of each door are hooks, which can hold outfits if needed to change the child. You could place hooks also inside along the back wall to hold small toys to help entertain the child while you are changing them.

You can have a dresser with a changing pad placed on top. Then the drawers can be used to store the prepared cloth diapers. In another drawer you can store the accessories in small boxes or dividers that are within the drawers to help organize everything so it is easy to find. This will look very neat and orderly in the nursery.


I will review the major points we talked about today.

Ready Made

  • Basic building blocks
  • 2 open shelves

Custom Creations

  • Toy story theme
  • Memory notes

Combo Ideas

  • Thin changing pads
  • Diaper caddy


  • Armoire
  • Re purpose furniture




If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the Best,


Elaine Smith