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Why Changing Boys And Girls Can Be Scary



A number of people are of the opinion that changing the diaper of boys and girls are either the same, very different, or scary. I would like to explain the process of both.

Let me first explain, I had a girl and then had a boy. Personally I thought they would be the same but quickly, though trial and error, found out that they we’re not. I never thought they were scary though. I will not go into depth about my boo boos but I will explain how they are the same but at the same time difference.

But Elaine, how can they be two things at once? Well simply, they are babies! But if you keep reading, I will do my best to explain what I mean!

So let’s jump right in to our first topic of how to properly change a girl’s diaper!


Changing A Girl 


If you have a girl then they are pretty easy to change, but they still have things you watch for. For instance, with a girl you will always wipe from FRONT TO BACK. But Elaine, why is that so important? Well, I’m glad you asked me so I can tell you.

When you wipe a girl from BACK TO FRONT then you are bringing the germs that are secreted from her anus into her vagina. This can then ultimately lead to a urinary tract infection (UTI), which isn’t pleasant.

Another interesting fact I have found is that you should use baby powder and diaper powder as little as possible so that the moisture levels will remain in balance. You see if you use too much powder it can irritate the baby girl soft skin and cause an infection.

As most people are aware boys and girls are different so now I will tell you about how to change a boy.


Changing A Boy 


Changing a boy is similar to a girl except you do have some extra external parts to deal with. I will be discussing this in detail here.

First thing you will need to do when you remove the front of the diaper is cover the penis with a wash cloth so you don’t get sprayed by flying urine.

Next you will need to wipe down the areas around the penis and scrotum carefully.

If he has just wet then you will need to wipe all the areas off, but if he has pooped you will have to clean the mess plus possible put on diaper safe cream (if you use it). Clean all around the bottom by lifting his little legs in the air very gently.

Now lift the baby’s legs a little higher so you can pull out the old diaper and insert a clean one. Make sure the clean one is at his waist and the penis is pointing downward before you fasten the diaper. By pointing the penis in a downward fashion this will help keep the urine from leaking at the waist.

Now you simply will redress your baby, place the diaper in the bag or can, and wash your hands. Wa-la you are done!!!

So in what ways are boys and girls similar?


How Are They Similar         


Whenever any baby is changed you will want to keep a close eye on them especially if you are changing them on a surface of the ground.

Be sure to have all supplies you will need on hand and ready to go, because once you get started you can’t leave the baby unattended.

Remove their outer clothing so you can get to the diaper easier. If they are squirmy or wiggly then give them a toy to occupy them while you are changing them.

All babies should be checked for changing every few hours during the day and at least once during the night. Why should you check them so often? Because the pee and poop can very easily irritate their sensitive skin.

When you are changing any baby you will need to use fragrance-free, alcohol free products on their skin so they won’t break out in a rash.

You could just simply wash them with water and then pat the bottom dry. Just be sure not to scrub the baby too hard because this can lead to skin breaking down. This is why I am stressing to PAT the baby’s bottom. Better yet, you could simply let them air dry.


Now we will talk about how the two can be so different.



How Are They Different


This is a way they are all similar but different at the same time. You are probably saying she has me so confused by that statement. So let me try to explain.

All babies, well at least most babies, will pee as soon as air hits their privates. That is just a natural reaction so be prepared for it. The reason I say most babies is because if I say all babies then I’m sure that there will be that one who will not. So let’s just go with most.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, most babies will pee when air hits their privates, the difference will be with boys it will tend to go straight up and girls will dribble down. This has been my experience and yours may have be a little different. Just be prepared for the shooting or dribbling urine!! and have the towels or wash cloths ready!!

And water, it may have a similar effect as air just to let you know so you can be prepared.



In Summary



Changing A Girl

  • Pretty easy to change
  • Front to back

Changing A Boy

  • Exposed external parts
  • Cover the penis

How Are They Similar

  • Never leave them unattended
  • Check them every few hours

How Are They Different