Diaper Caddy




About the product
  • polyester
  • LARGE STURDY DESIGN TO FIT ALL YOUR ESSENTIALS – With 14” X 10” X 7” size and 4mm bottom, larger and stronger than most on the market, your Elephant Caddy diaper organizer lets you load up diapers of all sizes, wipes, burp cloth, rash cream, powder, changing mats, changing pads, baby clothes, teething toys, medicine and more! Very convenient for parents with two or three little ones in diapers.
  • PICK A GREAT BABY SHOWER GIFT – Slick design, great color and super functional compartments will make a Modern Mom-to-be fall in love with it. Neutral tones are perfect for any parents and especially those who don’t wish to know the gender ahead of time!
  • MOBILE CADDY FOR MOBILE MOM – Take your caddy from home to car, on a picnic or anywhere else. And there is ton of room in this cute, trendy, highly Functional organizer to carry lip balm, hand lotion, tissues, nursing scarf, snacks, water bottle, book/magazine/journal, and whatever else you can think of!
  • STRONG AND DURABLE – Watch your newborn’s journey to toddler hood! Made out of 100% polyester felt, soft and durable, your Elephant Caddy will help with toddler size diapers and accessories for as long as you want!
  • START SIMPLIFYING YOUR LIFE – With babies, your hands can get full lugging everything around. Don’t run back to the baby’s room for every diapering /nursing situation.


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