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Pin It To Win It!!


Today in this article we will be discussing and comparing three different types of cloth diaper fasteners. We will be defining each, telling why they are use, and what they look like. The three fasteners are

I will go into detail on each below. Also in the last group I will talk about using no fasteners at all. I have seen people have success with this and wanted to include this.

I will include a picture of each fastener so you will know what I’m talking about. At the end I will include a graph comparing each on the major points I have discussed.





First thing we need to do is define what Snappis are. The snappi is a modern day diaper fastener used primarily for cloth diapers. They come in many different color choices and sizes. What do they look like? A giant “T” that will be placed on the baby’s lower abdomen to hold the diaper closed. But Elaine, how does this hold the diaper closed? It has “teeth” to “grab” the ends of the diaper to keep it closed to help prevent leaks and blowouts. Oh Elaine, you said the word teeth, won’t that hurt my baby? No, because like I stated before these are made of a stretchy material that will move when the baby moves so there is no danger of that. Plus the “teeth” are covered by more soft plastic to keep them from coming into contact with the baby.

Another important point is you should’t’ use them for longer than 6 months because they may tend to lose some of there durability. When you do use them for the first time you will want to pre stretch them. This help starts the elasticity process.

These can be used with or without a pretty diaper cover and they are used mostly on flats and prefold diapers.

You will only need one at a time and they can be purchased at Amazon $10.00 for Toddler size-3 pack. They come in a few colors and 2 different sizes.
Now we will compare the use of Snappi to the use of Boingo.





First thing again we need to do is to define what are Boingo? These are fasteners that are used with cloth diapers that will help prevent the tummy compression. These are similar to the old-fashioned diaper pins that Mom used but they are soft and stretchy. They are similar to the Snappi in the fact that they are stretchy but they are only on the side of the diaper NOT all the way across the tummy.
Boingo are a fun way to fasten a diaper since they have a curve design which has patent pending grips. Those curved grips will help to prevent accidental pokes of the wiggly baby and helpful moms.

These, like the above are cute but most importantly can be used with or without a cover.

You will need two at a time and they are $10.99 at Amazon. They come in many fun colors and one size fits all!
Now we will talk about the old-fashioned diaper pins and what they are doing today.





Okay, can you guess what is the first thing we will need to do? You are right! We need to define what we are going to be talking about. Elaine, why do we always define things? That’s a good question and I would love to tell you why, so that way we will all start on the same page.

So let’s jump right into talking about diaper pins, the updated old-fashioned ones!

They are sorta like a spring-loaded safety pin with a colorful top. Some have colorful plastic tops and then others have colorful metal tops.

I have seen some with diaper pins with “square” color heads and then some with cute plastic animal shapes on the heads. That was just a bonus!!

An extra tip: some parents are afraid to use diaper pins for fear of poking the baby with the pin. Well if you store the pins, only the tips, pressed into a bar of soap this will keep the pins “greased” up so they will slide through the diaper cloth much easier. Another free tip!

You will need two per diaper and they come in many different colors. They are the least expensive route at $6.99 for 100. Of course there are a number of different brands which gives you a number of different prices.
You can use this with or without a cover.
Now we will talk about the benefits of using nothing at all, no fasteners what so ever!


This section really needs no defining because the title tells you what we are talking about. But just in case you didn’t get it I will tell you NO FASTENERS WHATSO EVER. Now do you understand?
Some people will choose to use no fasteners at all. Either pins are too scary, and they don’t have any of the other fasteners or for whatever personal reason. They simply choose not to use any fasteners.
If, you choose this you definitely will need additional waterproof covers. You simply cover the child with the flat or prefold just like you do when you use any other fasteners. Just omit the fasteners step. Cover the child with a waterproof cover then hope and pray that when the child moves the diaper will stay in place enough to catch everything.

My personal recommendation would be to not rely on this but, I have seen people that do this and have had great success.



In this article we talked about many things about when we compared fasteners. For one, we talked about where you have to have a waterproof cover, the flexibility factor, choice of colors and price.

Here is a summary of what was included in the article


  • Giant “T”
  • Have “teeth”


  • Patent Pending Grips
  • Only used on sides of the diaper


  • Spring loaded safety pins
  • Included tips


  • Must use waterproof cover
  • I don’t recommend




If, you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the Best,


Elaine Smith

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  1. Interesting article Elaine. I haven’t messed with diapers since my grandsons were little. But my daughter may be thinking about having one more child and I need to stay updated. Thanks again. – Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley
      Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Diapering can be a challenge and glad you want to stay up to date.
      Thanks for commenting.

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